Today’s Update

Quiet at cycle HQ today.

I’ve emailed some friends and family to let them know of my adventure and am encouraged by the number of supportive messages and emails I have received.

As we hear, read and see the latest news from India, it strengthens my determination to succeed.



Just Giving Page is Live

Good news – Our Just Giving Page is now up and running.

You can find it under ‘Emma’s Virtual Around the UK Cycle Ride’

Even better news…. we have had our first donations!

Certainly motivating me for the challenge ahead!

22 days to go!

An update for you from ‘Cycle HQ’!

Plans are under way to have a You Tube channel so I can record my updates as I cycle.  This will be an extra challenge for me.

Still waiting for the final ‘ok’ from Just Giving so I cant publish those details yet.

We have £56.20 already so we are on the way to our target.


30 Days in June!


As promised here is the route I shall be taking.  Starting and finishing from home – IP9

Day 1 – Cycling to CO4, CM 1 and E17

Day 2 – Cycling to NF1, KT, 23, SE7 and SW17

Day 3 – Cycling to CR3, TN1 and BN27

Day 4 – Cycling towards PO12

Day 5 – Cycling to PO 12 and on towards BA4

Day 6 – Cycling to BA4 and on towards OX10

Day 7 – Cycling to OX10

Day 8 and 9 – Cycling to LD3 (Wales)

Day 10 and 11 – Cycling to LE7

Day 12 – Cycling towards M19

Day 13 – Cycling to M19, SK1 and LS12

Day 14, 15, 16 and 17 – Cycling over the sea to Northern Ireland and BT12!!

Day 18, 19 and 20 – Cycling to DD3 (Scotlan)

Day 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 – Cycling to PE38

Day 27 – Cycling to CB24 and on towards NR7

Day 28 – Cycling to NR7

Day 29 – Cycling home!!

Day 30 – Spare day

Emma’s Cycle Challenge

It is May 3rd and I am putting the finishing touches to my ‘Around the UK Virtual Cycle Challenge’

I have been trying to think of a serious challenge that I could take on to raise funds for New Dawn India without leaving my home.

I considered cycling the equivalent distance to Madurai……. Too far!

The charity is fortunate to have sponsors across the UK and that gave me the idea to ‘visit’ each postcode where we have a sponsor.

Now, because I am doing this challenge on an exercise bike, I have been able to shave off a fair few miles by travelling ‘as the crow flies.  I am still left with plenty.

June seemed as good a month as any plus there will be the Euros and some test match cricket for me to watch while the miles go by.

I will have the bike positioned in the lounge so if you are walking past you will be able to see me in action.  For those of you further afield we are working on a webcam so you can check on my progress.

We will update you each day with my progress and are hoping that some of the sponsors and supporters might want to meet up and maybe record a short message for your sponsored child or the team in Madurai.

The children know that I am going to be doing this challenge so I cant let them down.

Our target is to raise £1453 – £1 per mile!

If you would like to support New Dawn then please visit my Just Giving Page or contribute in your usual way (but please mark your gift ‘cycle’)

More details of my route will follow.