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Good morning!

I shall be cycling over the water today towards Northern Ireland via Isle of Man

I know that some of you are still having trouble finding the Just Giving Page (and we dont want to put any one off from making a donation!!) so I am (hopefully) including the link here:


Cycle HQ

Things have changed a bit since day 1. Thank goodness for the fan and the cushions on the handlebars have saved me from some bruises.

Day 12 Finished

I was very encouraged today to receive an update from Madurai where the team have been able to deliver relief kits to 150 families.

It was also rather nice to enjoy a Bakewell tart with a cup of tea.

Today I read out a message for the volunteers who are such a vital part of the work that Vidyal does in Madurai. Like many charities and organisations, without them, things just wouldn’t get done. And without our supported here in the UK Vidyal would struggle too. So today is a appreciation day for everyone who supports the work as a sponsor, supporter or one of the team in Madurai.


Today our total has gone over £2000. Just brilliant!!

News from Madurai is that the team are about to start distributing the 2nd round of relief kits to 140 families in Vidyal’s partnering communities.

News about schools is that they are unlikely to be reopened any time soon. The children have however been very busy, the youngest children have been making vehicles with boxes and the junior children have been making crowns or tiaras. The intermediate aged children have been videoing cooking with their families and the senior children have been making short films. Maybe I can ask them to send me some tips?!?