An Update from Madurai

Good morning,

So I asked Jim about the relief supplies that the Vidyal families have been receiving.  The vegetables you can see will provide meals for one week. The other items will last three weeks.

I couldn’t recognise all of the vegetables  but I know now that I am looking at Eggplant, Ridge Gourd and Snake Gourd!

Thank you!

Thankyou to those who have already sent in your messages for me to read out to your sponsor children.  I even have one short video message.

With the postal service not working at the moment, reading out these messages will be the best way to send a ‘hello’ to the children!

Very pleased that we are almost a quarter of the way to our target and I havent even started yet!


Not long to go now


I have been working hard to get ahead so that I have the time to cycle in June!

Flags have arrived for India, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

News from Jim is encouraging me.  There is a need to supply relief packs again to support those who will lose jobs due to the worsening situations with Covid.


News from Madurai

“Fortunately till now our communities are protected and there are no reported cases yet. I am in constant touch with our volunteers to ascertain the situation. But like last year many of them have lost their jobs owing to the present lockdown. I have been thinking of organizing a relief kit to each of the families in our care so that there won’t be any starvation. This morning I told myself that I should write to you about the need for relief  supplies  kits which will cost Rs.1000/- each. The sponsored children’s families will be a little over 100 which will be our starting point and later we can extend it to other families depending on the resources available.”

Thanks to those who have contributed already.  Your gift will go towards this urgent need.

Today’s Update

Quiet at cycle HQ today.

I’ve emailed some friends and family to let them know of my adventure and am encouraged by the number of supportive messages and emails I have received.

As we hear, read and see the latest news from India, it strengthens my determination to succeed.



Just Giving Page is Live

Good news – Our Just Giving Page is now up and running.

You can find it under ‘Emma’s Virtual Around the UK Cycle Ride’

Even better news…. we have had our first donations!

Certainly motivating me for the challenge ahead!

22 days to go!

An update for you from ‘Cycle HQ’!

Plans are under way to have a You Tube channel so I can record my updates as I cycle.  This will be an extra challenge for me.

Still waiting for the final ‘ok’ from Just Giving so I cant publish those details yet.

We have £56.20 already so we are on the way to our target.


30 Days in June!


As promised here is the route I shall be taking.  Starting and finishing from home – IP9

Day 1 – Cycling to CO4, CM 1 and E17

Day 2 – Cycling to NF1, KT, 23, SE7 and SW17

Day 3 – Cycling to CR3, TN1 and BN27

Day 4 – Cycling towards PO12

Day 5 – Cycling to PO 12 and on towards BA4

Day 6 – Cycling to BA4 and on towards OX10

Day 7 – Cycling to OX10

Day 8 and 9 – Cycling to LD3 (Wales)

Day 10 and 11 – Cycling to LE7

Day 12 – Cycling towards M19

Day 13 – Cycling to M19, SK1 and LS12

Day 14, 15, 16 and 17 – Cycling over the sea to Northern Ireland and BT12!!

Day 18, 19 and 20 – Cycling to DD3 (Scotlan)

Day 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 – Cycling to PE38

Day 27 – Cycling to CB24 and on towards NR7

Day 28 – Cycling to NR7

Day 29 – Cycling home!!

Day 30 – Spare day