A Week in the life of a Vidyal Volunteer

I thought you might be interested to see the lengths that the staff at Vidiyal have been going to in order to keep the children occupied and learning during the lockdown. For most academic years the schools have not opened since the first wave, while, for other years, the schools have only been open sporadically. This is a list of the tasks set by Vidiyal the past week. The volunteers continue to do an amazing job in the communities as Jim still has no access.
Some of you will be receiving photos of your child participating.


Beginner: Daily Activity – Storytelling (videos are taken which I’ll send later)
Weekly activity – Drawing images of vegetables

Primary: Daily Activity – Paper Cap making ( Each day one model cap)
Weekly Activity – Creating animal farm

Junior – Daily Activity – Collecting information and writing about one famous scientist each day
Weekly Activity – Craft items with available materials like buttons, bottle caps etc.,

Intermediate – Daily Activity – Simple science experiments ( Each day one experiment)
Weekly Activity – Learning Hand stitching

Senior – Daily Activity – Finding Tamil meaning for 5 English words each day
Weekly Activity – Writing story of a true incident