Day 23

I havent quite finished for today but thought I had better get the update done.

Today has been a busy day with several more messages coming in for the sponsor children and lots of donations – THANKYOU.

I am constantly amazed by the variety of activities that Vidyal looks to provide for the children. The latest is to train the staff and volunteers so that they can teach the children how to play chess.

Update from Day 19

Only 10 days to go! Today was a much better day on the bike and we got done without too much hassle.

Yesterday we had an update from Jim about the distribution of relief kits. I quote from his email:

I am typing this email in such a joy to inform you that the 3rd round of distribution of relief kits went so well. It included widows, elderly persons and very poor families living in Melavasal, Subramaniyapuram and Ambedkar Nagar. As I told you earlier they were roadside cobblers, rag pickkers, cleaners in lodges and a few other unorganized occupations. All of them lost their livelihoods because of the lockdown. We found these persons / families through a survey within the slums. Some of the elderly looked very weak and needed help to carry the relief kit. That’s why you see a tricycle carrying people and their kits. There was even a disabled person who came in his tricycle designed for disabled. They all thanked Vidiyal for this thoughtful help. The children you see in the pictures came to Vidiyal earlier but dropped out later. I took this opportunity to encourage children and young parents to send their children back to Vidiyal.

And that is why tomorrow and the next day and the next I shall be cycling and hoping that you will be moved to contribute.

Thank you