Scotland here we come!

It is quite hard to take in that tomorrow we shall be in Scotland! Not quite to Dundee yet although we will be there by Sunday.

The update from the team in Vidyal today has highlighted the work they do with children to try and stop child labour. Vidayl’s commitment to education for each child is vital in helping to ensure that Vidyal children can secure a positive future.

Today has seen a huge boost in our total, with donations arriving in the post. Thankyou.

Link to Just Giving

Good morning!

I shall be cycling over the water today towards Northern Ireland via Isle of Man

I know that some of you are still having trouble finding the Just Giving Page (and we dont want to put any one off from making a donation!!) so I am (hopefully) including the link here:


Cycle HQ

Things have changed a bit since day 1. Thank goodness for the fan and the cushions on the handlebars have saved me from some bruises.